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Face to Face, Telephone, ZOOM and Walk & Talk Counselling

Online Counselling helps clients to overcome their personal problems and struggles using counselling techniques, as they would with face-to-face counselling, whilst I offer all my clients the same level of uncompromised attentiveness, empathic understanding and maintain the same level of professional standards as I would my face to face practice.  I work in a safe, private environment with no interuptions, and will require that you work in the same way so that privacy and confidentiality is maintained, for you to get the most out of each session. Although some individuals have been sceptical about Online therapy, many on my clients have reported that they have found it very useful.  There are also many benefits and advantages to Online counselling;  

  • Offers individuals a safer alternative to face-to-face during this period of the Covid-19 Pandemic 

  • A different option/alternative for individuals who may struggle with difficult physical disabilities, it can provide a positive support  

  • Proved a very successful way to provide Mental Health support 

  • Much easier to fit into a very busy lifestyle, when difficult to find suitable dates & times  

  • More practical for parents who have to rely on paying childcare to attend counselling  

  • There are no geographical limits or expenses, to make your way to counselling 

  • A greater sense of anonymity for those worried about the stigma around counselling 

  • Online counselling is cheaper than seeing a counsellor face-to-face 

  • Clients feel more relaxed, confident and safe in certain cases, in the comfort of their own homes, resulting in more open to communication 

  • A positive alternative to not having therapy at all, due to not being able to access face to face.

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