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Individual Counselling

I aim to provide you with a warm and comfortable space in which to talk about your deepest thoughts and feelings.  We will explore your world at your pace, with my commitment to maintain confidentiality and a non-judgemental approach,  in a non-directive way, for you to gain a much clearer insight into your struggles, triggers and impact and offering you different perspectives.  As you reconnect with yourself you will become more confident in your ability to make the decisions that are right for you. 

  • Allows you to work through various issues, If you are struggling to offload to a friend or family member. 

  • Allows the therapist to give you their undivided attention and focus.  

  • Allow you to work on sensitive issues in a private setting. 

  • Enables you to self-reflect and increase self-awareness. 

  • Identification of your boundaries and opportunity to adjust. 

  • Increases better communication with people around you.  

  • Recognise your negative thought process and ways to reframe your way of thinking. 

  • Recognise negative behaviours and explore tools & techniques. 

  • Gives you broader perspectives that you may not have considered. 

  • Develops healthier and achievable coping skills. 

  • More confidence in your ability to make decisions that are right for you. 

  • Helps develop your self-esteem, confidence, self-belief, motivation & courage to better achieve your goals.

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