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Person Centred Counselling

Person Centred Counselling is a "Talking Therapy", a Non-Directive form of support and helping relationship between a qualified counsellor and a client (individual), fully understanding the client’s needs, emotions and anxieties, offered over a short or long period of time, dependent on the clients issues/struggles and also their progress.

It is a therapeutic relationship based and built on trust, in a safe and comfortable setting, which allows the client to open up at their own pace, allowing the counsellor into their inner world, in a fully confidential manner, facilitating the client’s journey of self-exploration and self-awareness.

The client leans on the therapeutic relationship for support, with a mutual agreed contract outlining clear boundaries, such as times, length of session, limitations of confidentiality and my commitment to maintaining professional standards of practice.

You will be encouraged to explore your feelings and emotions during the session, but only if it feels safe to do so. You will not be pushed to discuss anything that you find difficult to explore.

Exploring within the sessions, with my use of Person Centred Skills, will enable us to build a therapeutic relationship, facilitating the flow of communication, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your own process; your feelings, emotions and your thought process, which will also enable the counsellor to gain a deeper level of understanding, as though they had stepped into the clients shoes.

Assessments are carried out to monitor your self-development and your progress, also to ensure that the therapy is working for you. The aim of this form of counselling, is to work alongside the therapist to build courage, self-belief and confidence where needed, to begin trusting in your inner resources, to help you find the answers and feel better about yourself, to move you in the right direction.

It allows you to become more reflective of your own journey, more self-accepting and a greater understanding of your own self.  

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