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Relationship Counselling

If you feel that your relationship is becoming too challenging where you find yourself constantly struggling and experiencing; Lack of Communication, Arguing and Conflict, Feeling unsatisfied in the relationship, Struggling to move on from an Affair, build of Resentment, Trust Issues, Emotional Abuse, the effects of past relationships, dealing with guilt and shame, or even just wanting to improve your relationship, and wanting to find each other again, then counselling may be for you.  It  can also help you towards making a decision on whether the relationship you are in is right for you or more damaging to you. 

  • Explore the present and the future of your relationship 

  • Deeper connection and renewed intimacy 

  • Takes the pressure of when you’re stuck in a difficult relationship 

  • Improve interaction/ communication with each other.   

  • Broaden your understanding and learn more about each other 

  • Restore mutual respect and bringing you closer together 

  • Highlights & challenges negative process and behaviours  

  • Develop more honesty and openness with each other 

  • Encourages a better way in which to support each other 

  • Awareness of what needs improving and find the balance you need 

  • Helps you make difficult decisions and cope during breakups/divorce  

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