Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

Stephen R. Covey 

Online Counselling

Enables you to express yourself and document what is on your mind as it occurs, at a time that suits you, within your safe space. For those who are unable to leave the house, for different reasons such as disabilities or anxiety, this still enables you to access support. For those who prefer and are able to express better through writing than talking face-to-face, with the added benefit of being able to re-read the therapeutic responses throughout the process.

Please note that although it may suit certain individuals, online consultations are generally not considered a complete substitute for face-to-face counselling. 

  - Testimonials -



 I was advised by a doctor to seek and give Counselling another shot and that I would find one that was right for me, he was right, and Sandra has been perfect for me, I am extremely grateful for.


St Helens

I  am very grateful for the help I received, and it has helped me achieve a better frame of mind and outlook towards life. After being in an extremely difficult place in life it was vital I got support, counselling was and still is important to me and my happiness has increased since the first time I attended. 


Sandra immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable to speak about how I was feeling. She was friendly, I never felt judged but most importantly she has helped me immensely and I would recommend anyone seeking counselling to contact Sandra.


SC Counselling Service


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